Sunday, October 15, 2006

Harvest Time

I finally got it! I had one of those light bulb moments. Hubby and I went out for a ride yesterday morning. It was crisp and cool. We rode past rolling farm lands with wheat and hay rolled up. We watched geese feeding in a pasture right next to cows. We saw a lone horse or two, dried up corn stalks and color. LOTS of color. That's when it hit me. We are in the time of year referred to as Fall or Harvest time. It is the time our ancesters used to live for. The planting turned to reaping and the hard work of summer was over. It was time to relax and celebrate the results of their efforts. Thus, Thanksgiving.

Why is it I learned in Elementary school about the Pilgrims and their first harvest, but it took until I was 40 to totally realize it. We tend to look at it as a time to celebrate friends and family and hey, nothing wrong with that. But we overlook the fact that it is a time of pride for the hard work that is done throughout the summer. Maybe, if we still had to toil under a hot, harsh sun for 14 hours a day for food we would appreciate the food stored in the barns. We don't though, because food is plentiful at the Krogers and Super Walmarts of the land. I admire the farmers of our country. Not only are they in touch with nature, they understand things we take for granted. I bet harvest time on the farms are true celebrations.

For beautiful pictures of fall foilage, click here The forestries of many states update pictures regularily. The picture above was taken on Friday Oct. 13 in North Georgia.