Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dr. 90210hhh, You'd be in so Much Trouble Here

The program notes for last nights Dr. 90210 from the E! network read:
"A new doctor (Dr. Motykie) is introduced and Dr. Rey sets off to Venezuela to uncover why the women there are so beautiful."

Dr. Rey has his own cosmetic surgery practice in Beverly Hills. He has his own reality show on the E! network, that I will admit to watching every now and then. I had seen the program highlights over the weekend and wanted to catch last nights show to see if it really was as advertised. I wasn't disappointed-and yet, I really was.

Dr. Rey flies to Venezuela to see why women are "so beautiful". Some assignment, eh? Then, after meeting his guide, in which he comments that she is beautiful, he checks out a local cosmetic surgeon doing a procedure on one of the Ms. Universe contestants, goes to the Ms. Universe promotor and checks out several contestants. By checking out, I mean checking out. They parade around him in bathing suits that don't even cover the bare essentuals and he comments how perfect their certain body parts are. Then, the good promotor brings out another contestant and asks good ole Dr. Rey to find something wrong with her. When he can't, he's told she's deaf. That is his lightbulb moment. He says beauty comes from within as in this contestant and not her looks.

HUH???? Dr. Rey really had to fly to Venezuela to check out women to realize beauty comes from within? And this enlightenment will help him how? Will he change practices or teach women about inward beauty instead of planting implants? I don't get what this whole "project" was about.

At home, his wife keeps up the house and his office while he is away checking out body parts on foreign women to get some understanding of inward beauty. Let me tell you what I would say if hubby told me he wanted to go look at Ms. Universe to realize what inner beauty was. I'd tell him to pack enough for a lifetime because he wasn't coming back home if he left. And I would get the same answer if I told hubby I needed to go check out near-naked males at Chippandales to discover why they were so good looking. I mean, C'mon. Someone explain the rational thinking in that.

Dr. Rey may be a gifted surgeon, but when it comes to honoring his wife and marriage? I give him 2 thumbs down.