Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Are you Ready for Change?

Every once in a while an ancient wisdom calls to my inner woman. It is important. It is big. It is the feeling that as a wife and mom, there is more to me than our culture cares to see. I feel it. I know it. How to rescue this inner woman and unleash her in our society...well, that's a different story.

What I am referring to is the exact opposite of "Desperate Housewives." A desperate housewife has too much time on her hands. She hasn't learned what being a woman is yet. She's bored. She has no direction. She has lost touch with who she was created to be. No, this woman that screams to be unleashed from within me knows she has purpose. She knows her purpose is rich in heratage. I guess the only problem in relinquishing all control to her is in perception.

According to society, women are to work, raise the kids, get the kids involved in multiple extra-curricular activities to keep them stimulated and out of trouble, keep an immaculant home and be a va-va-va-voom woman for her hubby late at night. I'm sorry, but why do us women buy into that? It's stupid. WE CAN'T DO IT!! Why do we even try? Oh, and the biggest lie yet. We aren't suppose to age. We aren't suppose to show signs of aging. Because God help us if we do. It's time for Botox, or a mini-face lift. Or a brow lift. Or a complete face lift. Why isn't this sort of pressure on men? Is our society cruel to women or what?

Well it's time to kiss those expectations good bye. It's time to get real with ourselves. We will age. We will show wrinkles. We will act hormonal and it's not a weakness. It's true power. It's the root of what makes us seperate from men. Women have been persecuted for so long concerning our "hormones" that we've lost touch with our connection with nature.

Consider this passage from Suzanne Somers new book Ageless

There were no executives or career women at that time-just people living in tune with the cycles of the moon and the tides, reproducing as often as was possible, and then seeing that each baby occupied a year of a woman's life, followed by breast-feeding for another couple of years. It was all so perfect back then. In summertime, early humans ate all the abundant carbohydrates that were available, danced, and made love by the light of the moon. Women menstruated to the cycles of the moon, and we fattened up in the summer with all of the abundant food. Then winter arrived, and darkness came earlier. We had no more carbohydrates, we ate meat, we went to sleep earlier because there was no light, and we could stay warm with one another. As women, our bellies grew with the baby we had made during the summer months. We lived off fat supplies that we had accumulated by eatting all the carbohydrates in the summer, and we slept more. With Spring, we gave birth. The sun began to shine, and the process started all over again.

There is a great group of women that have managed to stay in touch with their primitive gifts and still live, marry and raise a family in our current society. They believe in nature, being self-sufficient and embracing womanhood. Check out
Homestead Blogger. Reading some of these blogs has helped bring into focus what that inner wisdom is trying to bring out of me. If you are a modern, liberated woman, and happy and proud of it, you won't appreciate this blog ring. But if you are ready to embrace that inner, ancient woman, and really get to know the true meaning, I challenge you to check it. You might start feeling something stir within you, too.