Friday, September 22, 2006

The truth is...

Many say that Bush is wrong to fight terrorism. Some say he has no business sending troops overseas. Some say the war on terrorism is a facade-that we have no enemies to fight against.

The truth of the matter is that Clinton repeatedly looked the other way when Islamic terrorists attacked our country. In ignoring the constant attacks, he is directly to blame for 9/11. He knew, but was too "busy" with other matters to protect us. Too busy with official matters like interns.

Atleast Bush, even if the liberal mindset is right and he is in overboard mode, is confronting the problem head on. I would rather live under a President that confronts rather than one that charms. The liberal mindset has been to pass the buck, trying to blame Bush. The way I see it, he is cleaning up a problem he inherited. How many choices do you have once a problem includes not a few deaths, but thousands?