Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Terry Breaks her Silence

Tonight at 10 Pm EST, Terry Irwin speaks to Barbara Walters about her husbands death. I saw clips of it this morning on Good Morning America and 2 points struck me immediately: Terry's overwhelming sorrow, and BW coldness. She didn't show emotion and at times, kept pushing Terry in spite of her grief and tears. Why Barbara and not Diane Sawyer???

I've been scanning some of the boards and the comments left in regards to Steve Irwin and his wife shock me. I am amazed at the lack of respect, compassion and empathy that's out there. Comments about her sudden inheretance of wealth was primary. PULLEASE. Watch the interview tonight and tell me tomorrow if that even matters to her. A jaded and cynical world has a hard time relating to love. Real love. I'm talking soul mate love. Few have it. Few experience it. And when you do, wealth means very little. You can't put a price on that kind of love.

So first, to BW, you could have shown alittle compassion for Terry. You could have cried with her. You could have approached her woman to woman, not a reporter out to get a scoop. Crying with her would have done more for ratings than a cold face.

To all of those who have posted UGLY remarks about Terry and Steve-especially on the YAHOO board-you are not only immature and sick, I feel sorry for you as you have yet to really experience true love. Soul mate love. You talk of something you know nothing about.

To the rest of the world that mourns and really cares, I leave the photos above as my tribute to a wonderful piece of creation that knew how to live and love.

To Terry-God be with you. If God is for you, who can be against you?