Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Something's Rotten in Denmark

Jonathon and I were making our way back to the car from the grocery store when I smelled the worst exhaust fumes I've ever smelled. The proud owner of such was a beautiful Ford Expedition parked next to me. The SUV was properly tagged, which meant that it had passed emissions. That made me mad. I got in the car and smelled that awful smell for a good 2-3 minutes. How can an exhaust that lingers so thickly in the air and ultimately in my nose be ok for the environment? How could it pass inspections? If it were me doing them, I would have passed out from the fumes before I could print the passing certificate. Have our emissions standards been lowered?

Upon research, I found this model to be one of the worst when it comes to Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions. That means it potentially changes our environment more than any other model vehicle. According to the rating, Ford Expeditions emit heavy fuel into the air-thus the length of time I was affected by it. "You may be surprised to know that most vehicles produce several times their weight in greenhouse gases each year. Not only does most of the fuel you put in your tank become greenhouse gas emissions, but the carbon in the fuel combines with oxygen in the air, almost tripling the weight of the fuel itself."

I know I am health conscious, but I also am looking for a future for my children to enjoy. I am so totally upset at both the manufacturer of the Expedition and the owner themself for driving that health-destroying monster around town. Maybe their health isn't important to them, but for me and my children, I am seeking to find the way to live as long as possible without suffering from lung cancer or other cancers.

Perhapes all of this money being raised by the Cancer societies should go toward the monsters themselves. It doesn't do us any good to research for a cure when we know some of the causes but refuse to fix the problems. To let Ford produce such a vehicle and for the owner to subject themselves and others to the dangers is just irresponsible.

I don't care if it did pass emissions-I've got a nose and it says that tank shouldn't even be on the road. If the owner will contact me, I will happily help you fix it to be community friendly. Until then, please don't park next to me. I'm trying really hard to live atleast 75 years-the Georgia average.