Friday, September 01, 2006

It's official...I'm getting old

Since Michael has gotten his license and took ownership of the truck, he's been talking about stereo equipment for it. Not surprising coming from a family that loves music. When I started dating Mike, he had just put a nice system in his Mustang. I still remember hearing Blondie belt out Rapture in a volume I am sure they sang with a mile away. I could always tell when Mike had turned down our street to pick me up for a date. I heard the faint thumping of the stereo get louder and louder. When we would go "cruising", we would rattle the lights in shopping centers and the dishes in Waffle House would rattle when we pulled up to get a take out order.

When I got my first car-at the age of 33-Mike put in a system for me for Christmas. I love my Honda, and part of that love is listening to Contemporary Jazz while scooting around town. I don't have to have the loudest thump around, but I love a clean sound. And Mike knew just what to install.

So last night we go for a ride and end up at Circuit City to start pricing systems for Michael's truck for Christmas. (Michael, if you are reading this, exit now! LOL) We go into this little room and listen to first one box and then another. It took Mike an hour before he settled on just the right door speakers and box for the truck. (It's a science, don't you know) We couldn't have been in that room longer than 5 minutes, sound blasting, before I think to myself "Man, that is loud. How did I ever stand it?" Right on cue, as if in a movie, I turn around and see imprinted on the cardboard outer box of a system "If it's too loud, you're too old." Talk about a crushing blow. I could have doubled over from the impact of truth!!

So folks, I am old. Because honest to God, it was too loud. I left the sound room and let Mike listen by himself. I licked my wounds the rest of the night.