Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'll Beat this Drum as long as I live

Two Patients proves what I've been saying for years. Although this is a bit tongue-in-cheek, it makes the point. We hug the trees, pamper the pooches, but neglect and abuse the senior citizens, handicapped or the less than perfect. I believe in taking care of our planet because it is God's gift to us. And I believe in taking care of our pets. But something is wrong with a society that gives animals their rights while taking away the unborns. Something is wrong when we look the other way when approached by a street person but we give millions to 3rd world countries to solve their poverty problems. As a soceity, we have gotten it all wrong. We contradict ourselves and then justify it. The one's screaming the loudest about death row run to picket for the rights of assisted suicide.

I pray we get back to placing value on each person. I pray we stop using ultrasounds to diagnose "problem" children that need to be aborted. I pray our senior citizens become valuable sources of information, wisdom waiting to be tapped into. I pray we begin to have compassion and empathy on each other. I pray our value system returns to what it was when our fore-fathers formed our UNITED states. I pray we find the strength to admit the Ten Commandments were right all along. I pray we remember to love each other as ourselves. I pray.......