Friday, August 18, 2006

UFC Training Notes

I watched Michael last night for the second time now while he trained for Ultimate Fighting. Moms always want their kids to succeed, but this is one time I wish he just wasn't so good. Both of his trainers have told me he's a natural, he's come 5x as far as other students in the same time period, he picks up on things really quickly, he can go as far as he wants, they want him in Golden Glove Boxing as soon as we give the ok, ect ect ect. Don't get me wrong. I'm very proud of him. But there is something so unnatural in a mom sitting back quietly while she watches another beat up her son.

I guess my favorite part is wathcing him "roll around". Basically it's the wrestling around on the floor bit. Yet, when he is straddled and is getting punched in the face, I can't help but look at hubby and ask why we are here. I told hubby I might not be able to be in the same room while Michael actually fights. Yeah, I know. I'm a defensive mom.

When he was in little league, I was one of those moms in the stands cheering loudly everytime he went to bat. And when he went to extreme wrestling tournaments, I was one of those moms yelling to do this and do that. Yes, {blushing} I am one of those the hubbies are always shushing. So now I will have to take it like a woman and sit back and watch Michael get beat.

Or not. He is able to keep his guard and very few times it's gotten broken. He is also good about rolling another off him and pinning them. He is REALLY good about locking his legs around his opponent and given them little room to move.

The highlight of the night was Jonathon (4) asking me where "that man's legs are" while pointing to a punching dummy. Oh yeah. And while they were doing some exhibition boxing, he is singing Elton John's "Blue Eyes" about as loud as it gets. It should have been "black" eyes for some.

I wish there was some training they could give mom's to help me develope an "I don't care attitude". But then again, I love caring.