Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Don't Teach Hate

Much of what you learn is learned in the home. Don't discriminate against anothers color, race, size, weight, viewpoint, religion, hair color, educational background, ect ect. and your children won't. We have kept generations in bondage to discrimination due to our own closed mindedness. If we are to prevent self destruction due to hate brought on by discrimination, we need to start broadening our view of others. Or else, we will teach this generation to hate the next. And with the way violence is escalading, we can't afford to mix in hate with it.

PS. You can discriminate by just talking about others. You don't have to hold them back in the job force to discriminate. If you are talking against others, you can bet your children will, too. Or, to really bring it down to it's root...don't judge.