Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chemical Warfare is Here in America

For those that are worried about mass poisoning of our species, you should be. It's not something that will happen, it's happening , already. I am not an alarmist. I tend to research information until I am practically sick of the subject. However, I have been researching health issues since trying to overcome secondary infertility. I was having a hard time conceiving a second time and wanted to know what could be the culprit. Oh the wisdom you will gain if you seek after it. I have believed for years that hydrogenated oils-particularily partially hydrogenated-are pure disease for the body. Sodium nitrate, MSG and other preservatives are right up there. Dairy? Yep. Bad for you. I know you won't want to read the article. Oh, you may start but then it will overwhelm you. You'll think the author is crazy. You won't want to believe that everyday items are so toxic. You won't want to change-you'll tend to put your head in the sand saying it's overrated and exaggerated. I know. I did it, too. With wisdom comes responsibility. I have had to seek and find good organic foods for us. It's not easy-but it's pretty basic and simple. Please become pro-active and acquiring knowledge about what you are eatting and drinking. You can't imagine how much better you will feel if you make small changes. There is so much information out there, just do a search on preservatives, MSG, dairy, sodium nitrate and it will get you started. But yes, if you are afraid of chemical warfare, guess what? It's here.