Thursday, July 06, 2006

Who's taking care of you?

I believe your health is in your hands. You don't have to follow protocol when it comes to treatment options suggested through organized medicine. I say this, after giving birth twice without pain meds. I made that choice. I try to maintain a strong immune system by eatting right and supporting it through Barley Green, Vitamin C and lots of water. I don't believe our organized medical system or pharmaceutical companies tell the truth. I believe alot of illnesses pad a few wallets. Drugs create illnesses-don't believe me? Check the side affects section of the drug store insert next time you get a script filled. Alot of times the side affects cause high blood pressure, problems with kidney output, liver damage ect. I believe in prayer and the healthy bodies ability in fighting illnesses. I believe when I was created, God created plants and foods that heal.

I have added a link to Natural, alternative treatments to cancer on my side bar. I am passionate about your health and blowing the whistle on the lies and deception within the current medical system. My hope is that when you need it, you will research and become proactive in your treatment. DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME YOUR DOCTOR HAS YOUR BEST INTEREST IN MIND. Take control of your healthcare because it's your health. 'nuf said.