Thursday, July 27, 2006

We are Always on His Mind

Thank about a hobby you enjoy getting involved in. Scrapbooking, working on old cars, restoring furniture...for me it's baking. Yeah, I go through withdrawals if I don't bake something every few days. And I don't go by a recipe, either. I read it and then alter it. It's in the altering of it that makes it mine. When my creation is baked and cooled, it gives me great pleasure to set it on the table and watch "the boys" dismantle it. I can sit there and tell you exactly what went into the project. I watch over it, seeing how long it takes for it to "disappear" because it was that good.

It hit me this morning that we are God's project. He went by a basic recipe with us, but altered it on each person making us just a little bit different. He knows what he did to make us individual, too. How much hair he gave us, the color of our eyes..he can recite it. And he watches over his project, wondering how we are doing. It would be the last thing he could do to forget us. I couldn't just forget a project I baked. No way, I take too much pride in it.

So it is. God does constantly watch over us, and although there are millions of us to watch over, he still remembers what makes each of us tick. And he will never forget us. We are always on his mind. Next time you are thinking of your project, remember God is thinking of you. Always.