Friday, July 28, 2006


I'm not sure how much you are aware of the Walmart scandle(s), but as a frequant shopper, I have begun to do my research. Thanks to Take Action sites like these, I am learning more and more. Low wages-below poverty level, medical insurance coverage too expensive to afford, and statistics that show over 60% of their products are imports do not impress me. In fact, it angers me. Moves to prevent Afro-Americans from progressing into managment should not be tolerated. Do your research. This site gives you links to stories from current and past employees, what exactly Walmart has done (and IS doing) that should anger Americans, and action you can take against the Wal-Monster.

DISCLAIMER: I am not anti-Walmart or am out to destroy it's reputation. Let the proof on the websites do that for themselves. If Walmart wants to play fair, I am not opposed to it being a profitable corporation. When you lie, hold back or rob your workers, commit racial discrimination or age discrimination, you should be held accountable. In my usual fashion, this post is about doing just that: holding a monster corporation accountable.