Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm Not Done Yet

Last week, I was contacted by a student at Emory University to take part in a paper she was writing. The basis of it was how people get involved in their community based on their pro-life or pro-choice convictions. Why do some get involved and others don't. Because I was founder/director of Jude's House, she chose me to be one of her interviews.

It didn't end after the 1 hour taped interview. The part of me that loves defending what I call "sub-perfect" groups of people in society is not gone. In fact, her interview reminded me of the passion that still drives me to do crazy things in defense of the handicapped, unborn, senior citizens and poor people of society. I have developed a second blog in support of "sub-perfect" groups in our society. It is affectionately called Lifestyles of the Not so Rich and Famous. (I know-cheesy, huh?)

What I wish I could impress on each of you is that we all have passions. You know what yours are. Find a way to do that passion in life and if possible, do it to better our society. It doesn't take much.

It will take a while to really get LifeStyles up and running but I hope you check it often, just so you can be aware of what is needed out there and what is being done. Who knows? It might spark a little something in you to get active. :-)