Sunday, July 30, 2006

Getting into the Flow of Life

I've said for years, when bad times hit, to just roll with it. It really sounds good on paper, and God as my witness, I've tried to practice what I preach. It wasn't until recently that I really "got it", though. I was praying and felt God whispering me to start living in the "flow of life." What in the world? And then, our pastor speaks on "flowing with life". Well, God, I thought I had the concept down. Go with things and try not to let them overwhelm me. I didn't understand at all.

Through the course of the next few days, I was being taught in the school of life. The sun comes up, the sun goes down. We take that for granted, but it is part of the flow of things. It keeps things regulated. Our bodies go through changes and seasons. (Go out in the front yard now and throw a ball around for 5 minutes and I'm popping Advil for 10 days) It is the natural flow and rhythm of life. The bad things that happen DO NOT INTERRUPT life but are part of life. I have a way of breathing a sigh of relief after a crisis and saying "Whew. Ok. Back to life." But that's wrong. Those times of trouble ARE life. That's what staying in the flow of life is. No matter what happens, realize it is part of life. It is not a mistake or an interruption, but life. Don't fight against things-don't wish them different. Flow with it. Allow the bad to happen and go with it. It will eventually change, hopefully leaving me a changed and better human being.

I'm trying not to fight against things as much. (I have always been one to fight change anyway.) I'm trying to go with the flow. When a moment happens, and you are totally overwhelmed, wishing the matter to quickly resolve, try to just go with the flow. Don't fight it. Inhale, exhale, and say, "That's ok. I'm going with the flow."