Friday, July 21, 2006

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Misleading

Wow! Arnold's contribution to embryonic stem cell research looks impressive if you don't know otherwise. The big debate over research was settled atleast 5 years ago when Denmark realized adult stem cells in the nose and other parts of the body work just as well. It was reported here in the states last year. In 2002, it was reported that adult stem cells help Parkinsons patients And in 2003, A Canandian stem cell expert wrote that embryonic stem cells show no proof of working anyway. Why the media and politicians aren't reporting that there are other options is beyond me. We need to hold the media accountable for the biased reporting in the research of stem cells. We need to hold the politicians accountable for making an issue over a matter that was settled years ago. If there is money donated to stem cell research, it should go to other alternatives and not just embryonic. It is a lie to the American people that embryonic stem cells are the only answer. Someone needs to answer for that lie.

Bush's veto for embryonic stem cell research is consistant with his pro-life stand. He knows that there are other options that don't involve destroying an embryo. That is why it is important to know the truth. His veto is not a ruling against research as a whole, just against taking life for the sake of science. That, again thanks to the media, is not being reported. They just want to paint the picture of a cold-hearted man against stem cell research as a whole.

Question: Would you be supportive of other methods of acquiring stem cells if it didn't involve embryos? It's your turn to sound off.