Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome to my World!

Hi there!

This is the first entry in the blog of my world. I know that the things I encounter on a daily basis in my world are encountered by you at one point or another, too. I am a mom to 2 children, married for almost 17 years and put my family second only to God.

And speaking of God, I believe that my relationship with him is not based on "religion". You will be seeing and hearing alot about that in the days to come. It is liberating when you realize your heavenly Father doesn't expect perfection. He created you as you are and intends for you to live as you were created. Your personality is the way it is for a reason.

I love cooking and actually find baking and cooking relaxing. I love Racheal Ray, Paula Deen, and Emeril from the Food Network. I am a firm believer that you are what you eat and that food can heal and it can cause disease. Packaged and processed foods are full of mechanically engineered ingredients that do nothing but break down healthy cells and create the potential for sickness and disease. "Real" food will bring health.

I read-ALOT-in my spare time, so be prepared to get more 411 than you asked for on some days. :-)

I keep up with some celebrity news-the news that relates to babies being born or news of a conception. Babies are gifts!

Welcome to my world!