Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Victoria's Secret Not for New Moms

I am an older and wiser woman these days. With my first child, he was conceived literally on the honeymoon, and I couldn't wait for the pregnancy to be over. I wanted to get on with our life-the one where I work, we save and buy this and buy that. Once born, he was bottle fed, laid in a crib in a seperate room from us, and was raised by the corner daycare. Some 12 years later, I realized mothering is more than just supplying the uterus for the baby to grow in. When I gave birth to our second son, I breast fed him, he co-slept and still does part of the night, and I used natural parenting skills I never used the first time. I am very supportive and protective of these instinctive parenting skills. That is why Victoria's Secret has stepped over the line. I am proud that other breastfeeding moms are taking action There is a NATION WIDE nurse-in planned for Saturday July 1st at 1pm your local time, at your local Victoria's Secret store.

I understand why there are those that are opposed to public breastfeeding. We have been conditioned to view them in a sexual way only, thanks to modern western rational. And there are those who flash more than the appropriate flesh to get the job done. Most breastfeeding moms however, take great pains in covering their babies and go out of their way to do it in a discret manner. I see more flesh on any given day at the gas station, gym, grocery store and even church. Why should alittle bare breast with an infant attached be more repulsive than the shirts that intentionally expose over half of the breast?

Our society needs to get over it. You can't talk out of both sides of your mouth. If you let your daughters go to the movie wearing a flesh baring midriff shirt, don't tell me a mom can't nurse her baby in the restaurant when she needs to eat, too. Or in a dressing room at the mall. Be consistant. I'll be glad to take my baby in the bathroom and nurse him/her. That's if you promise to cover up your breasts and the breasts of your daughters, too.

Victoria's Secret, I have a message for you. As much breast as you show in your commercials, I am offended that you will not allow a mom to nurse in your dressing room behind closed doors. You are sending the message to our daughters that it's ok to flash breasts to make money, but don't ya dare use them in the sense they were created to be used. Shame on you. You owe our daughters an apology.